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Macricostas School of Arts & Sciences

Psychology Department

HRSA Grant

The new Master of Science in Addiction Studies program at WCSU has been awarded an Opioid Workforce Expansion Program grant from the Health Resources and Services Administration.

The grant was designed to improve training in evidence-based prevention, assessment, and treatment for opioid use disorders and other substance use disorders for providers in Connecticut.

Specifically, this grant will allow us to: 1) strengthen our relationships with community partners and build new interdisciplinary partnerships in support of substance use prevention and treatment; 2) increase the number of students that we support through stipends at training and internship sites each year; 3) facilitate partnerships with other departments at WCSU with professional and undergraduate programs whose graduates will benefit from addiction internship placements and/or collaborative training events on substance use; 4) improve the behavioral workforce for our high risk and high need communities through facilitation of sponsored monthly interdisciplinary dialogs and annual trainings open to both the WCSU community and other community partners; and 5) position WCSU as an emerging leader in Connecticut in providing hands on classroom and training for individuals interested in substance use treatment.

The principal investigator of this grant is Lindsay Oberleitner, PhD (Addiction Studies/Psychology). Other key faculty partners and investigators on this grant are: Shane Murphy, PhD (Addiction Studies/Psychology), Nicholas Gallucci, PhD (Addiction Studies/Psychology), Gabriel Lomas, PhD (Counseling Psychology), and Bozena Padykula, EdD (Nursing).