Your Career and Life Design - Plan Level 3

opens in a new windowLevel 3 is where you continue to grow your connections and build experiences. This is a great level to build on your opens in a new windowportfolio by showing your development of opens in a new windowprofessional skills.

COMPLETE a short-term experience: gigs like micro-credentials ( opens in a new windowThe Forage) and micro-internships ( opens in a new windowParker Dewey) can beef up your skills, opens in a new windowresume and opens in a new windowportfolio.


connecting with people: have a opens in a new windowCareer Conversation with three more people working full time (could be anyone) to get more insights into the changing world of work.


You're getting good at this!!!

VISIT your advisor and/or the CSC to plan for an opens in a new windowinternship; many are for PAY AND CREDIT

APPLY for a GREAT internship and/or summer job (check out opens in a new windowHandshake and more) that helps you practice essential work competencies.

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