Marian Anderson Campaign

Campaign Goals






The goal of the Marian Anderson Campaign is to raise a minimum of $35,000,000 in support from WCSU alumni, friends, and community partners who champion our desire to be recognized nationally and internationally for an arts education of the highest caliber, rooted firmly in a commitment to equity and excellence. These funds will help us provide an unparalleled educational experience.




Students are our number one priority. The need for financial assistance among WCSU’s diverse student population continues to grow. We seek to provide opportunity, inclusivity, and affordability. A high percentage of our students are first generation and experience a variety of obstacles in attaining and completing their education. Financial assistance allows students to work less, study more, and take advantage of the many resources available at WCSU to help them overcome challenges, enhance their educational experience, and excel in their chosen fields of study. There is no higher priority than ensuring that all admitted students are able to enroll and attend WCSU and complete their education.





Engaged learning and partnerships will extend academic excellence from the classroom into real-world experiences that develop students’ innate talents and build their professional skills.  We will build partnerships with art organizations and renowned artists. Artist residencies will allow our students to benefit from working directly with professionals in their fields of study. Artists will provide master classes for our students and elevate the arts in Danbury and the region with community performances, artist talks and unique, meet the artist opportunities.





We envision expanding our programming and adding innovative enhancements to our existing programs. Collaborations between disciplines and across our campuses will flourish.  Funds directed to faculty support will allow us to be more competitive in the market place when hiring new faculty and to retain our most talented professors dedicated to student success. We seek the best and brightest teachers to enhance the learning experience for our students, to lead our programs, and inspire our students to greatness.