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CELT Faculty Spotlight: Professor Ken Scaglia

Check out how out this talented faculty member scaffolds a challenging assignment and evokes excellent outcomes!

Professor Ken Scaglia

Professor of Art – Foundation + Applied Arts

Department of Art

Honors 398

Identify Yourself

Spring 2019, 2020

The course aims to present the connection between visual arts and self-awareness in the changing world of what a person’s identity means for their future. Included are contemporary art-making methods and how the making of art involves creative problem solving. The relationship between process, form, and content for presentations will also be examined.

Mask Project. Create two masks, either contrasting in form or a progression of form.

The mask project will develop both the ability to conceal and reveal in the constructed form of two masks which can substitute or distort our true selves. The mask forms will be discovered through discussion and examination of personal authenticity.

Week 1: Introduction of mask histories. Presentation of examples and resources.

Week 2: Sketch development, collection of materials for scale mockups.

Week 3: Source materials. Begin assemblies.

Week 4: Assemblies continue.

Week 5: Final assemblies and photography.

At each step in the process an individual critique will take place.

Each student has the opportunity to confront their personal authenticity and reveal aspects of their complexity as a person to others. The class-wide discussions that take place are spirited, yet respectful, and guided toward the artistic method and form which helps realize the final presentation.