Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching (CELT)

CELT Podcast: Dr. Josh Pritchard

Weekly Feedback from Students

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In this podcast, Dr. Joshua Pritchard, our featured outside speaker, will be discussing an atypical practice of asking for weekly student feedback (rather than waiting until the end of the semester). He will discuss the pros and cons associated with weekly student feedback. In addition, he will offer potential strategies for incorporating and addressing weekly feedback.

Dr. Joshua Pritchard has been a faculty member of Southern Illinois University’s behavior analysis program, as well as with Florida Institute of Technology (FIT). During his time with FIT, he was the chair of the FIT Hybrid Master of Arts in Professional Behavior Analysis. Pritchard has served as a consultant with state facilities under review by the Department of Justice, consulted internationally on behavioral programs and setting up practicum experience, and conducted remote supervision of international students desiring certification in behavior analysis. Dr. Pritchard is the associate editor of two behavior-analytic journals and has published in multiple journals within the behavior- analytic field on a wide range of topics from teaching verbal behavior to changing driving habits. Dr. Pritchard has also served as the President of the Association for Science in Autism Treatment, on the Executive Council of the Association for Behavior Analysis International, president of the Tennessee Association of Behavior Analysis and was a member of the Supervision Task Force of the Behavior Analyst Certification Board. He is currently the president-elect of the Florida Association of Behavior Analysis.

Special thanks to Peter Puccio and Scott Volpe for recording this podcast.