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CELT Vlog: Dr. Charlotte Mann

Supporting College Students with Autism

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In this vlog, Dr. Charlotte Mann, our featured speaker from University of Saint Joseph, will discuss strategies for supporting individuals with autism in higher education. She will review potential ways to teach essential social skills. Lastly, she will highlight her noteworthy publication that effectively improved conversational skills for college students with autism by developing problem-solving repertoires.

Dr. Charlotte Mann is an assistant professor in the department of counseling and applied behavioral studies at the University of Saint Joseph. During her Ph.D. studies at Western New England University, Dr. Mann worked in association with the Student Accessibility Center, supporting the social skills development of college students on the autism spectrum. Her research interests focus on assessing and treating skill deficits related to social functioning, in particular the environmental determinants of conversation behavior, and supporting college students on the autism spectrum.


Mann, C. C., & Karsten, A. M. (2019). Efficacy and social validity of procedures for improving conversational skills of college students with autism. Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis.