Election Connection

HON 498 – Dr. JC Barone

Modes of Inquiry: Textual Analysis, Scientific and Mathematical Analysis, Artistic Creation and Analysis, Historical, Social and Cultural Analysis

Course Description:

This course is a challenging, comprehensive, hands-on news production class. We prepare and create original pre-recorded, edited news packages and live news content. Production includes working in the field, on location, and in a TV studio. Strict adherence to broadcasting deadlines must be met, attendance is mandatory, teamwork is necessary, and individual responsibility is a must. Lectures provide concepts and theories about news production work, industry practices and techniques, interviewing, and information regarding civics, government, and politics. Production work beyond class time is expected. Live News & Election Coverage may be used by Media Arts Production students as a major elective and non-majors as a free elective. Majors may repeat the course as a free elective.

Election Connection was recently recognized as the first place winner of the Broadcast Education Association Award for its incredible live coverage of the 2021 elections.

This past fall, Election Connection's three shows enjoyed more than 2,200 viewers from our live election coverage that was broadcast and live streamed, and simulcast over YouTube, WXCI-FM 91.7, and the WCSU web. Election Connection covers national, state, and local races, conducts interviews with candidates, and covers important issues facing Americans today.