Capitalism and Socialism

HON 298 – Professor Bruce Pflug

Modes of Inquiry: Textual Analysis, Historical, Social and Cultural Analysis

Course Description:

The goal of Comparative Analysis Capitalism and Socialism is to provide students the opportunity to be critical thinkers of two diverse economic systems; Capitalism and Socialism. To achieve this, students will learn the details of each respective system including history and modern-day applications, and then compare and contrast each systems’ respective strengths and weaknesses. The course will cover the genesis and evolution of each economic system, the reasons behind their developments, which individuals in history were champions for their development, and continue to include modern day examples and applications. The course will conclude with a robust examination comparing and contrasting the two systems and evaluate each system’s strengths and weaknesses. Historical, social, and cultural mode of inquiry will be strengthened with examination and discussion of cultural and social factors. In addition, textual and critical analysis mode of inquiry will also be incorporated. The overall objective is for students to gain an historic and current day understanding of two diverse economic systems so that they can be effective and knowledgeable critical thinkers and able to analyze and determine strengths and weaknesses of each.