Positive Organizational Psychology

HON 398 – Dr. Maggie Sachse-Skidd

Modes of Inquiry: Textual Analysis, Historical, Social and Cultural Analysis, Artistic Creation and Analysis

Course Description:

Organizational psychology is “the science of psychology applied to work and organizations”. Psychology, when applied to work, has often adopted a problem-focused perspective and focused on avoiding or alleviating negative consequences of work, such as stress, burnout, and social conflicts. However, during this class, students of the course will focus on solutions and strengths – on the positively deviant (rather than only neutral or negative) psychological and also social phenomena and processes at work. This course is designed to give students a working and practical knowledge of the growing domain of positive organizational scholarship (POS) based on an intensive immersion in POS research and practice. POS is an interdisciplinary approach to leading and being in work organizations in ways that call forth the best in people, resulting in individual and collective flourishing. Flourishing is a term that captures the optimal state of functioning of individuals, groups or organizations, with indicators such as thriving, engagement, health, growth and creativity as well as other markers of being in a state of positive deviance.