Practical Economics and Personal Finance

HON 398 – Dr. Bruce Pflug

Modes of Inquiry: Scientific and Mathematical Analysis, Textual Analysis, Historical and Sociocultural Analysis

Course Description:

Practical Economics and Personal Financial Management aims to provide students with a practical understanding of economics along with a basic understanding of personal financial management. The course will cover components of economics which affect people in their daily lives along with developing personal financial management skills. One objective of the course is for students to gain a basic understanding of general applied microeconomics. Historical and sociocultural mode of inquiry will be strengthened with examination and discussion of cultural and social factors which impact different types of households and which influence their financial decisions. With personal financial management, students will learn financial planning concepts and applications for their personal lives. Guest speakers will be invited to discuss relevant case studies and practical applications. The overall objective is for students to gain holistic and practical knowledge and skills which will be applicable throughout their lives along with deepening their understanding of issues and circumstances faced by different households and why.