Introduction to Piano

HON 298 – Dr. Liang-Fang Chang

Modes of Inquiry: Artistic Creation and Analysis, Historical, Social and Cultural Analysis

Course Description:

The objective of this course is for all major students to develop both a wide range of basic functional performance skills and an overview of piano literature. This will enable students to utilize the piano/keyboard for their own enjoyment and to provide a steppingstone for further studies in piano. Included in the course are studies in sight-reading, harmonization, repertoire, accompanying, transposition, improvisation, and other creative activities. Students will also develop a fundamental understanding of the history of the piano, as well as the cultural contexts that have influenced pianists.

Students will also have an opportunity to attend a concert in the New York City at the venue like Carnegie Hall or Lincoln Center. At the end of semester, students will acquire a basic repertoire of pieces they can perform and will be able to listen and understand music when they go to a live performance.