Solidarity! Adventures in Labor Archives

HON 398 - Dr. Leslie Lindenauer and Dr. H. Howell Williams

Modes of Inquiry: Textual Analysis, Historical, Social, and Cultural Analysis, Artistic Creation and Analysis

Course Description:

Students in this course will have the unique opportunity to explore Danbury and Connecticut history through a range of activities, including research in one of the premier labor history archives in the world, at New York University. Course content includes four Friday field trips to labor history archives (including Western’s own!), directed readings in secondary literature, and participation in an intensive role-playing game exploring the lives of labor and management. As participants in a multi-year project, students in this course will deepen our understanding of the world of the Danbury Hatters in the years leading up to, during, and after Loewe v. Lawlor, the Supreme Court Case that broke the back of union labor in the early 20th century.