Transnational Families

HON 398 - Dr. Carina Bandhauer

Modes of Inquiry: Textual Analysis, Historical, Social, and Cultural Analysis, Scientific and Mathematical Analysis

Course Description:

International migration is one of the defining characteristics of our contemporary world. It is a reality for millions of people who face treacherous socio-economic and often violent changes in their countries of origin, some even being stateless. This course focuses on the impact of international migration of families, particularly, though not exclusively, families for whom one or more members is an undocumented migrant. What is often neglected in the media and even by scholars is that international migration almost always involves families, and, except for the most fortunate migrants, it often involves long protracted periods of separation, a transformation of the communication and social relations within families, heavy impacts on children and their development, and can often mean the death of a family member. The phenomena of transnational families reflect global socio-structural change, that has already transformed whole nations, cultures and communities. It is a common attribute of the last century and, particularly with ongoing economic hardship, increasingly hastened by climate change, transnational families will continue to be characteristic of our future ahead.