Division of Student Affairs

Veterans Affairs


New Semester Registration Form: Needs to be completed every semester, regardless of benefit being used.  Please turn into the Office of Veterans Affairs when you have completed class registration and do not intend on dropping or adding any classes. Download form

Statement of Understanding: Must be completed every semester.  Please understand your responsibilities and turn into the Office of Veterans Affairs with Registration Form. Download form

Connecticut State Veterans Tuition Waiver Application: Please only complete if you are a new student-veteran at WCSU and turn into the Office of Veterans Affairs.  The Veterans Affairs Coordinator will then review your documentation (DD214) to determine your eligibility.  You may review the Student-Veterans Guide for more details. Download form

Military Leave of Absence Form: A Military Leave of Absence form must be completed and turned into the Registrar & Office of Veterans Affairs in the event of military service obligations.  Failure to do so may require you to re-apply for admission to WCSU upon return. Download Policy

Apply for Your GI Bill: Please visit https://www.vets.gov/education/apply/ in order to complete the VA Form 22-1990: Application for Educational Benefits.  Applying online is simple and much faster than mailing the application.  Veterans Affairs ultimately determines eligibility for VA Educational Beneftis.

If you are a member of the Connecticut Army or Air National Guard then you may qualify for the CT National Guard Tuition Waiver.  Please contact your unit’s Readiness NCO to request this waiver.  Once The Adjutant General of the CTNG approves your waiver, WCSU will receive a letter requesting the tuition be waived.  The CT State Veterans Tuition Waiver is not the same as the CTNG tuition waiver.