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Veterans Affairs

Yellow Ribbon

Out-of-state Post 9/11 GI Bill ® recipients may be eligible to participate in the Yellow Ribbon program. Under the Yellow Ribbon Program the VA will match the school’s contributions dollar-for-dollar to cover the cost differential between in-state and out-of-state students.

To receive benefits under the Yellow Ribbon Program you must be eligible for the maximum benefit rate under the  Post 9/11 GI Bill ®.


This includes:

  • Those who served 36 months (may be aggregate) on active duty
  • Purple Heart recipients with an honorable discharge and any amount of service
  • Those who have received a Fry Scholarship on or after August 1, 2018
  • Those discharged after 60 days with a service-connected disability and served 30 continuous days after Sept.10, 2001
  • Children using transferred benefits if their servicemembers transferor is at the 100 percent level (36 months served)
  • Effective August 1, 2022, servicemembers at the 100 percent level and transferee spouses whose transferor is at the 100 percent level


Note:  The Yellow Ribbon Program is limited to 50 students per academic year at WCSU on a first come first served basis.  To sign up, please contact the WCSU Veterans Affair Coordinator, Kelly Visokay.