ITC : Information Technology Committee Meeting Agendas

June, 08 2008

Information Technology Committee Meeting

May 8, 2008, 12:15-1:45pm, SC226 Agenda

  1. How did the semester go?
    End of semester suggestions/updates
  2. Money Updates
    Desktop, laptop, tablet, printer purchases for faculty and staff
  3. Updates
                Emergency Response System
                Outlook/Exchange 2007
                Active Directory & Office 2007
                Office 2008 & Entourage
                OpScan Scanners in WSCB, SB(New), WA, WH
  4. Security
  5. Summer Projects & Replacement Plan
    WA318 – evaluate 30 laptops or desktops
    WH137 – 4 new desktops
    WS219 – evaluate 30 laptops or desktops
    F205 – 25 laptops
    MT & WS PC Instructor Stations, MT Mac Instructor Stations – evaluate 17” or 20” fpm or webtouch panels
    Deploy Outlook 2007 & migrate email from Lotus Notes
    Virtualize/upgrade servers
    Access control for all MDF/IDF rooms
    Finish deploying wireless
    Expand Citrix applications
    Deploy Emergency Response System
    Software Inventory
    Resolve Audit Issues
    Implement Security initiatives
    Implement VP IT priorities
    Enhance website infrastructure
    What else?
  6. ITC Meeting Schedule for Fall 2008 – 2nd Thursday of the month, what time?