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Nicole Sandt
sandtn@wcsu.educreate new email

Transfer Counselor for School of Professional Studies and Macricostas School of Arts and Sciences (including Nursing, Education, Social Work, Justice and Law Administration, Computer Science, Psychology, Biology and Exploratory Studies).

Annmarie Krzanowski
krzanowskia@wcsu.educreate new email

Transfer Counselor for Ancell School of Business and the School of Visual and Performing Arts (including Communication, Digital & Interactive Media Arts, Media Arts and Professional Writing). Placement Testing Coordinator for all incoming students.

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How to Apply

To apply, fill out the online undergraduate application and pay the $50.00 application fee. Once submitted in order to complete your application please send your official transcript(s) from every college/university you have attempted credit from in order to complete the application for a decision. We will let you know if we need your secondary school record as well.

Transcripts and other materials can be send via email to create new emailor mailed to:

Western Connecticut State University
Attn: Admissions
181 White Street
Danbury, CT 06810 USA


Transfer Admissions Guidelines

In order to qualify as a transfer applicant students must have earned 12 or more college credits since their high school graduation, with only 3 allowed from CLEP-type exams.

A 2.0 cumulative grade point average (GPA) from all previous college level study is required for consideration for transfer admission to Western Connecticut State University. A 2.0 GPA does not guarantee admission to the University, and students are encouraged to perform to the best of their abilities academically so as to enhance their application for admission.

Also please note, some academic programs may have special admission requirements above and beyond the general university admission requirements.

  • Education: 3.0 combined overall GPA.
  • Pre- Nursing: 3.0 combined overall GPA, for more information about per-nursing criteria click here.
  • Music Department audition requirements
  • Art, Music and Theatre: transfer credits will be determined by the department on a case-by-case. The student shall provide a transcript and course descriptions for eligibility assessment of foundation Art, Music and Theatre courses for transfer consideration. For concentration-specific courses in Art programs, the student shall also present a portfolio of work from those courses.


Transfer Credits and Course Equivalency

Click to see Course Equivalency Pages and see how courses from the Connecticut Community College and select other institutions will transfer in. For specific questions please reach out to one of our transfer counselors.

Maximum transferable credits: To earn a degree from WCSU, all transfer students must complete a minimum of 30 credits through this University prior to graduation. At least half the credits required in any major must be completed at WCSU.

Transfer evaluations: Any applicant dissatisfied with their Degree Works Audit may appeal the decision to the Director of University Admissions. Students have one semester after matriculation to adjust their transfer credit evaluation.



Western at Waterbury

WCSU at Northwestern

Applicants with Associate’s Degrees must meet minimum GPA requirements for their selected program. Western Connecticut State University accepts as transferable courses on which grades of “C-” or higher have been earned. Such courses will show as “T” on your transcript, and will not carry a grade value.
Courses taken at other institutions* (see Special Transfer Arrangements below):
  • Vocational or technical institution credits may not be accepted as transferable to WCSU.
  • All academic courses with a passing grade will transfer from Central, Eastern, or Southern Connecticut State Universities.
Special Transfer Arrangements
All graduates of Connecticut State Community Technical Colleges’ associate degree programs are admissible to the CSU system as students with junior standing. This policy also applies to the transfer applicants holding associate degrees from the Connecticut Board of State Academic Awards. Courses with grades of “D+, D and D-” are transferable only if the student has earned an associate’s degree from a CT State Community College system school.
Transfer Tickets
The Connecticut State Colleges and Universities offer the Transfer Ticket Program to move easily from a 2-year Associate’s degree program to completion of your Bachelor’s degree without losing any credit. Transfer Tickets
A student who was previously matriculated and left Western Connecticut State University without an approved leave of absence may apply for readmission under the following criteria:
  • Hold a 2.0 cumulative grade point average.
  • Must be familiar with the University Fresh Start Policy to determine if it applies.
  • If the student has completed 45 or more credits, any special department/school admissions requirements must also be met.
The Board of Admissions will review any cases with unusual circumstances worthy of consideration. For more information on readmission, e-mail Nicole Kullberg at kullbergn@wcsu.educreate new email.
The University’s Fresh Start Policy allows an applicant who was a previously enrolled, matriculated student with a cumulative grade point average of less than 2.0 to be eligible for readmission under certain conditions. The purpose of the program is to allow students who initially struggled academically to have a second chance at graduating with a GPA unaffected by the below-average grades of their initial enrollment.
  1. The period of withdrawal or suspension and readmission must include at least one year in which no college courses were taken at WCSU. Remedial non-credit college courses in English and mathematics are accepted. The director of University Admissions may waive this condition, provided that during the period of withdraw or suspension and readmissions, the applicant has: (1) taken at least 12 credit hours of courses at another institution which are transferable to WCSU and (2) earned a grade of “B” or better with respect to each such course taken. Nothing herein shall be interpreted in a manner that would require the director of University Admissions to waive the condition.
  2. Completion of no more than 60 credits at WCSU with a “C-” or higher average, when applying for admission.
  3. Satisfactory completion of WRT 098: Written Communication and/or MAT 098: Elementary Algebra prior to admission, if appropriate.
  4. Significant evidence of personal growth since withdrawal, in the form of two letters of recommendation. A student may be conditionally admitted to the University under this policy, resulting in restrictions in the number and nature of courses taken during the first semester of enrollment.
  5. A personal interview may be required.
  6. The Fresh Start Program may be exercised only once. The student’s cumulative GPA at WestConn becomes 0.0. Grades of “F,”” D-,” “D,” and “D+” are forgiven. Grades of “C-” or better count toward graduation. Students are admitted on probation under this option.
  7. Students must meet all criteria for the academic program they wish to be enrolled in. Please see specific program requirements in the catalog.