The Leadership, Compassion and Creativity Certificate program is a leadership program which provides an opportunity for students to receive a certificate by exploring the values of leadership, compassion, & creativity across all Student Affairs disciplines and with people of all communities.

This program that takes all your co-curricular activities, leadership roles and community service hours and combines them into one leadership certificate.

What better way to enhance your resume!

LCCC leaders are those who are innovative and inspire others to find new and diverse ways to solve problems. They lead sympathetically by understanding that all people learn and succeed through different avenues of guidance. At the end of completing the LCCC you will be able to explain how you have become a more compassionate and creative leader; and explain how your participation in LCCC has shaped your current understanding of leadership.


Why should you participate?

  • This is a student-directed process where the student may select the programs he or she wants to complete based on their individual interests.
  • As students work through the program, they will have the opportunity to develop relationships with a wide range of students, staff, faculty, and local community members. This will also help the students build professional references.
  • The program will help students develop professional references and learn the hands-on skills necessary to perform tasks in a variety of professions.
  • Students will be able to identify beneficial skills not necessarily acquired through classroom experiences.
  • Opportunity to select programs that are fitted to students personal and professional objectives.
  • Students will receive an official university document upon completion signed by the Vice President for Student Affairs, and the LCCC Program Director.  They will also be honored at “Certificate Day” and at the annual Student Leadership Recognition Banquet.



Through this process you will…

  • Establish a community of learners working together not only to better themselves, but also one another
  • Encourage leadership as a process through which people work together to create a positive impact
  • Gain the skills to serve others in this community and the global world, specifically increasing students civic engagement
  • Expose students to resources available for them to engage fully in co-curricular activities
  • Motivate students to engage fully in their college community by exploring all available opportunities for learning
  • Help students recognize that they are responsible for their own development as leaders
  • Engage students in an exploration of practical skills necessary for successful transition through college, and into the working world
  • Create a strong foundation upon which to build students’ co-curricular academic record and launch their vocational exploration

It is never too late to start the LCCC program!  Your prior experience may be eligible to transfer into the program!  So don’t delay!