Office of the Provost

Dr. Missy AlexanderDr. Missy Alexander, Provost & V.P. of Academic Affairs


What is a Provost?

The Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost is the chief academic administrator at Western Connecticut State University and responsible for all aspects of the academic mission—from recruitment of students to the administration of the schools and other units that are central to the academic enterprise.  The Provost collaborates with the President in setting academic priorities and provides leadership for the school and college deans and their faculties.


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Academic Deans

Dr. Michelle Brown

Dr. Michelle Brown, Dean 
Macricostas School of Arts and Sciences
brownml@wcsu.educreate new email
Phone: (203) 837-9400
Warner Hall, Room 300

Dr. Joan Palladino

Dr. Joan Palladino, Dean
School of Professional Studies
palladinoj@wcsu.educreate new email
Phone: (203) 837-9500
White Hall, Room 123

Dr. Yaseen Hyajneh

Dr. Yaseen Hyajneh, Interim Dean
Ancell School of Business
hayajnehy@wcsu.educreate new email
Phone: (203) 837-8183
Westside Classroom Building, Room 376

Dr. Missy Alexander

Mr. Brian Vernon, Dean 
School of Visual and Performing Arts
vernonb@wcsu.educreate new email
Phone: (203) 837-8851
Visual and Performing Arts Center, Room 104A

Department Chairs


Macricostas School of Arts and Sciences


Dr. Theodora Pinou, chair
pinout@​wcsu.educreate new email


Dr. Russell Selzer, chair
selzerr@wcsu.educreate new email
(203) 837-8448

Dr. Paula Secondo, associate chair
secondop@wcsu.educreate new email
(203) 837-8795

Computer Science

Dr. Daniel Coffman, chair
coffmand@wcsu.educreate new email
(203) 837-8746

Dr. Gancho Ganchev, associate chair
ganchevg@wcsu.educreate new email
(203) 837-9349

English & Interdisciplinary Studies

Dr. Cigdem Usekes, chair
usekesc@wcsu.educreate new email

History & World Perspectives

Dr. Wynn Gadkar-Wilcox, co-chair
WilcoxW@​wcsu.eduaym@wcsu.educreate new email

Dr. Joshua Rosenthal, co-chair
rosenthalj@wcsu.educreate new email
(203) 837-8449


Dr. Michael Shoushani, chair
shoushanim@wcsu.educreate new email
(203) 837-8745

Dr. Stavros Christofi, associate chair
christofis@wcsu.educreate new email
(203) 837-9351


Dr. Patricia O’Neill, chair
oneillp@wcsu.educreate new email
(203) 837-9383

Social Sciences

Dr. Carina Bandhauer, chair
BandhauerC@​wcsu.educreate new email
(203) 837-8650

Dr. Christine Hegel-Cantarella, associate chair
hegelcantarellac@​wcsu.educreate new email
(203) 837-3914

World Languages & Composition

Dr. Galina Bakhtiarova, chair
bakhtiarovag@wcsu.educreate new email
(203) 837-87



Ancell School of Business


Dr. Michele W. Ganon, chair
ganonm@wcsu.educreate new email
(203) 837-8742


Dr. Annie Wong, chair
wonga@wcsu.educreate new email
(203) 837-8577 


Dr. Stanley Bazan, chair
Bazans@wcsu.educreate new email
(203) 837-9238

Management Information Systems

Dr. Tom Yoon
yoont@wcsu.educreate new email
(203) 837-3963


Dr. Ronald Drozdenko, chair
drozdenkor@wcsu.educreate new email
(203) 837-8776


School of Professional Studies

Education & Educational Psychology

Dr. Katherine Roe, chair
roek@wcsu.educreate new email
(203) 837-3263

Health Promotion and Exercise Science

Dr. Emily Stevens, chair
Stevense@wcsu.educreate new email
(203) 837-3903

Ms. Krista Heybruck, associate chair
heybruckk@wcsu.educreate new email
(203) 837-3903

Justice & Law Administration Division

Dr. Kim Marino, chair
marinok@wcsu.educreate new email
(203) 837-3973


Dr. Jeanette Lupinacci, chair
lupinaccij@wcsu.educreate new email
(203) 837-8570

Social Work

Dr. Karen McLean, chair
brownk@wcsu.educreate new email
(203) 837-8937


School of Visual and Performing Arts


Ken Scaglia, chair
Scagliak@wcsu.educreate new email
(203) 837-3975

Communication & Media Arts

Dr. Katie Lever-Mazzuto, chair
(203) 837-8872

Dr. William Petkanas, associate chair
petkanasw@wcsu.educreate new email
(203) 837-8255

Creative and Professional Writing

Dr. Oscar De Los Santos, chair
delossantoso@wcsu.educreate new email
(203) 837-9044


Dr. Laurel Larsen, chair
larsonl@wcsu.educreate new email
(203) 837-8353

Jamie Begian, associate chair
BegianJ@​wcsu.educreate new email
(203) 837-8637

Theatre Arts

Dr. Justin Cowan, chair
(203) 837-8476

Joni Johns-Lerner, associate chair
lernerj@wcsu.educreate new email
(203) 837-3984