Fall 2011's WestConn Weather Team

Students enrolled in the year-long Operational Forecasting & Weathercasting course are required to produce broadcasts for The Weather People in order to gain credit and valuable experience in actual on-air weathercasting. Most of the students are seniors and many are pursuing internships in weathercasting positions at area TV news stations.

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Broadcast Archives

October 29th: Quincy Vagell

October 28th: Mark Andersen

October 27th: Chris Stiles

October 27th: John Choquette

October 27th: Eileen Carmody

October 26th: Emily Roehler

October 26th: Corey Scavo

October 15th: Michael Rieger

October 25th: Kevin Arnone

October 25th: Andrew Peneiro

October 24th: Deborah Lucia

October 24th: Joe Moravsky

October 24th: Stephen Barabas

October 23rd: Nick Ulhman

October 22nd: Quincy Vagell

October 21st: Mark Andersen

October 20th: Chris Stiles

October 20th: John Choquette

October 20th: Eileen Carmody

October 19th: Michael Rieger

October 19th: Emily Roehler

October 19th: Corey Scavo

October 18th: Kevin Arnone

October 18th: Andrew Peneiro

October 17th: Deborah Lucia

October 17th: Joe Moravsky

October 17th: Stephen Barabas

October 16th: Nick Ulhman

October 14th: Mark Andersen

October 13th: Chris Stiles

October 13th: John Choquette

October 13th: Eileen Carmody

October 12th: Michael Rieger

October 12th: Emily Roehler

October 12th: Corey Scavo

October 11th: Kevin Arnone

October 11th: Andrew Peneiro

October 10th: Deborah Lucia

October 10th: Joe Moravsky

October 10th: Stephen Barabas

Fall 2009 Weather People

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