Ingrid Pruss
Ph. D., Vanderbilt University
Associate Professor of English
Phone: 203-837-9071 Email:
16th-and 17th-century British literature; Women Studies; critical theory; Old Testament Studies. . .

Ingrid Pruss received her  Ph.D. with high honors from Vanderbilt University in British Renaissance Studies with a secondary specialty in lyric poetry. As a student, she spent ten years teaching conversational ESL, in Nashville, Tennessee and in Lafayette, Louisiana and almost twenty years as a  freelance technical writer.  Dr. Prussís scholarly/creative work has been published in The George Herbert Journal, JAISA, Violence Against Women, and Quay.  She has presented papers at the Shakespeare Association of America and addressed the college section of the NCTE (2006) about creative scholarship.  In addition to her love of Renaissance Literature, particularly Edmund Spenser and John Milton, Dr. Prussís intellectual interests/specialties include: twentieth and twenty-first century memoirs by women; twentieth and twenty-first century poetry; feminist theory; cultural studies; critical theory; and Old Testament studies. Her personal interests include Chopin's and Brahm's piano music, black-and-white photography, experimental writing, collage, and metal-working. Dr. Pruss is thankful for her life, her vocation, her animals, and, most importantly, her sacred lover, Barry Lipman.