Merit Scholarships

The following merit scholarships are available to incoming Fall 2022 first time students upon admission to WCSU. There is not a separate application process for these scholarships, incoming students who have been accepted by February 1st will be considered. In order to receive this scholarship, students must complete the Free Application for Student Aid (FAFSA) or the AACTUS if they are undocumented and all financial aid requirements.

Note:  These funds, in combination with other grants, scholarships, and educational assistance awarded to you, may not exceed direct university billed cost(s) of Tuition & Fees and Room & Board (if you are living on campus).

Presidential Merit Scholarship

The Presidential Scholarship is awarded to students with the highest standard of scholastic achievement. It awards up to $10,000 annually and is renewable each semester for up to eight semesters.

Connecticut State University Trustee Scholarship

The Trustee Scholarship awards up to $4,000 annually. It is renewable each year for up to eight semesters.

Honors Scholarship

The Honors Scholarship awards up to $2,000 annually. It is renewable each year for up to eight semesters.


Students in High School can earn Micro-Scholarships to Western Connecticut State University on RaiseMe

We partnered with RaiseMe to offer micro-scholarships that recognize your achievements as you progress through high school, allowing high school students to start earning money for college before they even apply to college. The amount you earn on RaiseMe from WCSU will be your guaranteed minimum amount of institutional aid if you are admitted into The Kathwari Honors Program – you may receive even more in your scholarship or financial aid package once we review your completed application for admission .  Click here to learn more.


Scholarship Reconsiderations

If a student would like to request a scholarship reconsideration for merit scholarships, they must submit the following documentation to Meghan Hastings by email at hastingsm@wcsu.educreate new email.

  • Senior year grades
  • FAFSA or AACTUS to the Office of Financial Aid and Student Employment
  • Scholarship awards from other colleges/universities (optional)

Once submitted, this information will be provided to the Scholarship Committee for review. Scholarship reconsideration requests will not be reviewed until February 2023. The deadline to apply for a scholarship reconsideration is May 1, 2023.




Updated as of 01/26/2023

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