Faculty Handbook

Division of Finance & Administration

Vice President for Finance & Administration

The Vice President for Finance and Administration has overall responsibility for the six finance, administrative and facilities offices that serve the University’s students and faculty.  Each department has a Director who reports directly to the Vice President.  Collectively, these offices manage the University's finances, purchasing, travel, master planning, space allocation, construction, health and safety, and maintenance functions.

Administrative Services

The Director of Administrative Services is responsible for the Purchasing, Travel, Property Management, Shipping and Receiving, and Mailroom Operations areas.  This department is responsible for ensuring that WCSU's contracts comply with all relevant federal and state law.  The Director is also responsible for the University's records management and liability insurance functions.

environmental and facilities services

The Director of Facilities Operations and Environmental Health Program, is responsible for supervising and monitoring the University's health and environmental safety programs.  He also manages and supervises Facilities Maintenance Operations consisting of Custodial Services, Grounds, HVAC and Power Plant Operations, Vehicle Maintenance and Registration, and Trades and Minor Capital Projects.  This position is responsible for the coordination and management of the University's work order system ("School Dude") and manages a comprehensive maintenance and renovation schedule for the University's facilities.  This area manages many minor capital projects and also, on occasion, manages major self-administered capital projects, particularly when the project focuses on building or campus infrastructure.


The Director of Facilities Scheduling and Promotions is responsible for managing, scheduling, promoting and the execution of events and operations that occur at designated University facilities and grounds.  In addition, the Director supervises and maintains the computerized event management system on campus, provides assistance to university clubs and organizations with events on campus, and works with outside groups that license University facilities for workshops, seminars, performances camps, etc.

Fiscal Affairs

The Director of Fiscal Affairs/Controller supervises and coordinates the Accounting Office, Cashier's Office, Payroll Office and the Budget, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable and Grants Accounting functions.


The Director of Planning and Engineering is responsible for the design and implementation of most major self-administered capital projects on campus and for representing the University for most major construction projects that are administered on WCSU's behalf by the state's Department of Public Works.  He also recommends and assists in the implementation of minor capital projects relating to the physical plant, physical facilities, and energy-saving measures.  This area leads campus master planning and establishes campus-wide design standards.

westconnect office

The Access Control and One-Card (WESTCONNect) Director manages all physical security systems on campus, including electronic access control; card control, key control; burglar and intrusion alarms and the University's closed circuit security camera system.  This office also manages the University's ID card program, including the production and distribution of these cards and the University's "One Card" debit card program.



Revised 6/21/11

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