WCSU Faculty Handbook

University Governance (Committee Bylaws)

Western Connecticut State University embraces a commitment to shared governance to support open dialogue, input from all parties, and adequate deliberation of all decisions affecting the University. Members of AAUP, SUOAF, and WCSU Administration endorse the description offered in the CSU-AAUP Collective Bargaining Agreement:

Collegiality in academic governance…can best be accomplished through Senates selected by representatives of the appropriate university constituencies in accordance with each institution’s constitution and tradition. Matters of concern to the Senate include: (a) curriculum policy and curricular structure, (b) requirements for degrees and granting of degrees, (c) policies for recruitment, admission and retention of students, (d) academic policies relating to students, and (e) other matters of campus concern.

In support of these goals, a robust set of Senate committees contribute to decision-making processes at WCSU.  The bylaws to all such committees are included in this section.

In addition to all committees that flow from the University Senate, school-level committee bylaws are included here for convenience and as a comprehensive record of all university governance.


Senate Approval October 16, 2019