WCSU Faculty Handbook

Appendices: All Forms

Academic Honesty Report: Faculty 
Academic Honesty Report: Chair
Academic Honesty Report: Dean
Academic Honesty Report: Senate Ad Hoc Committee
Academic Honesty Report: Provost/Vice President for Academic Affairs
AAUP-Article 10.6.2 Administrative Assignment Payment Form
AAUP-Adjunct Non-Instructional Assignment Payment Form
AAUP-Faculty Request for Approval to Accept External Teaching Employment during the Fall or Spring
DEC Chairperson’s Memorandum
DEC Evaluation Form AAUP Athletic Coaches
DEC Evaluation Form AAUP Athletic Trainers
DEC Evaluation Form Counseling Faculty
DEC Evaluation Form for AAUP Teaching Faculty
DEC Evaluation Form AAUP Librarians
Disbursement Form for Searches
Faculty Consulting Compliance
Faculty Authored Text
Faculty Developed Study
Faculty Development Funds Application
Faculty Reassigned Time for Research or Creative Activity Application: Research and Development Committee
Faculty Retraining Grant Application (2 pages)
Food Service Request Form
General Education Designation Application
IACUC Protocol for Research with Vertebrate Animals Application
Inappropriate Behavior in the Classroom Report
Institutional Review Board – Application for Review of Research Involving Human Subject
Institutional Review Board Protocol Termination Report
Institutional Review Board External Adverse Event Report
Missed Classes Because of University Sponsored Events
Organizational Chart
Sabbatic Leave: Faculty Application
Sabbatic Leave: Department, Library Faculty, or Counseling Center Review
Sabbatic Leave: Dean or Director’s Review
Summer Curriculum Related Activities