Faculty Handbook

Guidelines on Classes Missed Because of University Sponsored Events

Each semester students and professors must deal with the inevitable conflict between class and university-sponsored co-curricular activities. As the University grows and the student body becomes more diverse, it is clear that student activities outside the classroom will continue to increase. It is the purpose of these guidelines to spell out the relationship between the two activities, and to suggest a way of accommodating any potential conflict between the two.

At present, no written guidelines exist on the correct procedure for handling missed classes by a student as a result of participation in a university-sponsored event. A suggested protocol is needed to inform all members of the university community of this rights and expectations in this area, and to allow accommodation of the needs of all without destructive conflict. Students recognize that participation in co-curricular activities benefits the students themselves and the university as well. Opportunities for growth outside the classroom are important, but such participation does not take precedence over the academic mission of the school, and it cannot excuse students from required classroom work.

It is the responsibility of all students to recognize that meeting the requirements of all classes is their first priority. It is the students’ responsibility to communicate with their professors before a conflict occurs, if possible to insure that all classroom work is properly made up. It is also the students’ responsibility to make up all required work as well as to become familiar with the material presented in the class that was missed.

By definition university-sponsored events are legitimate, co-curricular events which are scheduled through a university department or entity, with adequate notice to all parties. For example, participation in a sports contest or a museum trip for the university would be such an event, but attending a practice session would not. It is requested that faculty members understand the depth of the students’ commitment, allow reasonable accommodation of student activities, and permit work missed because of legitimate university events to be made up.

Form: Missed Classes Because of University Sponsored Events

Senate approval: (R-04-04-02) 10/20/04
Administrative approval: 12/22/04

(Missed Classes Forms [Because of University Sponsored Events] are available in all of the offices of the Academic Deans and the Dean of Student’s Office)




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