Faculty Handbook

Department, Library Faculty, or Counseling Center Review of Sabbatic Leave Proposal

In this review, consideration should be given to the professional merits of the proposal, the value to the unit and the impact of the applicant’s absence on the unit. If the proposal is primarily for retraining, please comment upon its appropriateness and the benefit of the proposal to the unit.

By October 15th, one copy of the review must be sent to the applicant, seven copies to the Chairperson of the Academic Leave Committee, and one to the appropriate Dean or Director.





Signature ______________________________________________ Date_______________________20__
Revised: Aug. 1984; Mar. 1985; Sept. 1988
Senate Approval: Nov. 16, 1988
Admin. Approval: Jan. 2, 1990
Senate Approval: Apr. 26, 1991 (R91-4-8)
Admin. Approval: May 15, 1991


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