Faculty Handbook

Environmental and Facilities Services

Environmental and Facilities Services has established policies and procedures which, when adhered to, will not only facilitate compliance with all applicable laws and regulations, but will protect University students, staff and visitors.

The following is a list of Directives and Procedures which have been adopted as University Policy:

Environmental (E) Policies

Procedure E-101 Asbestos Abatement Procedure E-105 Combustible Waste Disposal Plan
Procedure E-102 Waste Management Guidelines Procedure E-106 Indoor Air Quality Management Plan
Procedure E-103 Hazardous Waste Satellite Procedure E-107 Fluorescent Lamp Recycling Plan
Procedure E-104 Spill Prevention, Control, And Countermeasure Plan (SPCC) Procedure E-108 Aerosol Can Management Plan
Procedure E-109 Fluorescent Lamp Ballast Recycling Plan Procedure E-113 Limited Shelf-Life Chemicals
Procedure E-110 Rodent Control Procedure E-114 Hazardous Waste Management Plan
Procedure E-111 Ornamental Shrub And Turf Pest Management Plan Procedure E-115 Hazardous Waste Contingency Plan
Procedure E-112 General Pest Control Procedure E-116 Photographic Process Waste Recovery

Safety (S) Policies

Procedure S-101 Chemical Hygiene Plan Procedure S-110 Forklift Safety
Procedure S-102 Fire Safety Reporting and Response Procedure S-111 Office Ergonomics Policy
Procedure S-103 Bloodborne Pathogen Exposure Control Plan Procedure S-112 Respiratory Protection Procedure
Procedure S-104 Oxy-Fuel Cutting and Welding Policy Procedure S-113 Laboratory Fume Hood Performance Testing
Procedure S-105 Safety Footwear Policy and Requirements Procedure S-114 Hazard Communication Program
Procedure S-106 Safety Eyewear Policy and Requirements Procedure S-115 Emergency Evacuation Procedure
Procedure S-107 Lockout/Tagout Procedure S-116 Ergonomic Office Furniture Standard & Information Resource Guide
Procedure S-108 Confined Space Entry Procedure S-117 Purchase Requests That Require Approval of Director of Health and Public Safety Management
Procedure S-109 Electrical Safety Procedure S-118 Chemical Storage and Compatibility Guidelines

In accordance with all applicable regulations, these policies are reviewed and/or revised on a regular basis to ensure continued applicability. To review the most current revision of the referenced documents, access the Western Connecticut State University web page at http://www.wcsu.edu/efs/EmergencyManagement.asp

Revised May 7, 2004

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