Faculty Handbook

Mediation Committee Bylaws

I. Responsibility

To assist the President or his designee and the member in attempting to effect a resolution regarding a written statement of sanction that involves termination

II. Membership

A.  Three (3) teaching AAUP faculty members and three (3) alternates elected from the AAUP membership for overlapping two-year terms by the AAUP Faculty. In each group of three, no more than one may be from any one of the three schools or from the Librarians/Counselors/Coaches group. The election shall be in accordance with the Nominations and Elections Committee Bylaws established in the Faculty Handbook.

B.  Members of the Medication Committee who are disqualified for bias or interest shall remove themselves from the case, either at the request of a party or on their own initiative and be replaced by an alternate. The alternate selected to replace the removed member shall be the alternate who garnered the most votes in the election.

C.  A member of this committee may not serve on the University Termination Hearing Committee.

D.  Should a vacancy occur on the Committee or among the alternates which cannot be filled pursuant to the procedures in the Nomination & Selection Committee Bylaws, the President of the University or his/her designee and the Senate President shall meet to mutually select a representative to fill the vacancy in accordance with the membership rules established in II.A through II.C above. Should they be unable to mutually decide on a replacement, each will submit a list of three names of possible replacements that comply with the membership rules established in II.A through II.C above. The President or his/her designee and the Senate President shall alternately strike one name from the combined lists, until only one name remains; a toss of a coin shall determine who strikes the first name.

III. Procedures

The Mediation Committee shall conduct itself in accordance with the procedures established in the CSU-AAUP Collective Bargaining Agreement.

September 16, 1980
  Rev. Senate R-01-10-02
Administrative Approval 10/31/01


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