Faculty Handbook


Professional Assessment Of Tenured Faculty

Faculty Member___________________________________________________Rank____________________
Identify strengths and weaknesses in narrative form (see Article
(1) Article credit activity for which the member receives load credit or the equivalent, e.g., one or more of the following: teaching, coaching, counseling, department chairperson, division director, library services, research, student supervision, or any other function specified in a letter of appointment or subsequent extension or modifications of such appointment (see Article 4.7), or identified in a letter of agreement (see Article 10.4).
(2) Article activity appropriate to one’s field, such as delivering papers at professional conferences, production/performance or artistic works, research, study, and publication.
(3) Article service to the department and university.
(4) Article activity, e.g., attendance and participation in conferences and workshops, membership and service in appropriate professional organizations, and other professional activities.
(5) Article in Rank.



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