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Reassigned Time for Research

Under terms of the CSU-AAUP contract specified minimum credit hours of faculty load must be reassigned for research for each semester. All members of the bargaining unit are eligible to apply. No individual may be awarded more than six (6) credit hours of reassigned time for one semester. The term “research” is intended to be broadly interpreted. (See definition of Faculty Scholarship under University Policy and Procedures in Faculty Handbook).

I. Notification

Notification of the deadline for submission of applications for either or both semesters of the following academic year will be published on the Academic Planning Calendar by the Provost/Vice President for Academic Affairs at the beginning of the Fall term.


II. Application

Application deadline is November 6. Faculty members may apply for reassigned time by using the prescribed application form, a copy of which follows. The applicants may request reassigned time for more than one semester. Please print, sign, scan, and submit an electronic copy of this application and all related materials to the Research & Development Committee, c/o the Administrative Assistant to the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs (cunninghamj@wcsu.edu) by close of business on November 6. The chair of your department should be copied on this email. Late applications cannot be accepted.  You must use the application form found in the current Faculty Handbook, which is available through the WCSU webpage at http://www.wcsu.edu/facultystaff/handbook.  Outdated application forms will not be accepted.

III. Committee Actions

The Research and Development Committee will review the applications received and make recommendations using the following criteria:

A.  The nature of the research question, the premise of the creative work, or the rationale for the instructional or curricular research project, which must be clearly stated.

B.  The applicant should give evidence of specific knowledge and skills necessary to execute the project.

C.  The applicant should indicate that the facilities and resources necessary to complete the project are available.

D.  The applicant should indicate how the project will contribute to the body of research, creative or pedagogical knowledge in the applicant’s discipline.

E.  The Research and Development committee


1.  requires a current curriculum vitae which includes publications and/or presentations as well as a listing of previously Unviersity-funded projects.

2.  will submit its recommendations to the University provost or his/her designee.

3.  will inform each applicant of the recommendation made in regard to his/her application

IV. Administrative Action

The University Provost or his/her designee will notify successful applicants regarding reassigned time awarded.

V. Report(s)

A summary of the results of a reassigned time award shall be submitted to the Research and Development Committee by the end of the first week in September after the reassigned time was awarded. Submission of a final report is required for consideration of future Reassigned Time For Research awards.

Form: Application For Reassigned Time For Research

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Admin. Approval: 10/22/12

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