Faculty Handbook

Student Policies and Procedures

Descriptions of the principal responsibilities of the activities that fall under the purview of the Dean of Student Affairs are contained under University Organization.

The following publications and documents should be referred to for detailed information on policies, services, and procedures on student-related activities.

1. The Student Handbook—Available from the Office of the Dean of Student Affairs. Following is a partial list of areas covered in detail:

a. Health Services h. Cooperative Education Program
b. Counseling i. Alcoholic Beverage Policy
c. Student Financial Services j. Housing and Dining
d. Veterans' Affairs--Educational Benefits k. Student Center and Student Activities
e. International Students l. Student Organizations and Clubs
f. Admissions m. Student Governance
g. Career Counseling and Placement n. Campus Ministry

2. The Student Organization Guide Book

This Guide book is available on-line for all Club Presidents and Treasurers.

3. Statement Of Student Rights And Responsibilities-

Available from the Office of Student Affairs:

a. Student Organization Conduct e. Academic Misconduct
b. Proscribed Conduct f. Record-Keeping Practices
c. Administration of Discipline g. Disciplinary Sanctions
d. Student Procedural Rights  

4. Role of Faculty Advisor -Available from the Office of Student Life.

a. Policy Affecting Campus Student Groups
b. Reserving Rooms and Spaces for Meetings
c. Specific Duties of Group and Club Advisors
d. Regulations Affecting Student Program Activities and Faculty Advisors
e. Sponsored Trip Approval Request Form (available from the Office of Student Life)



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