Information Technology & Innovation

Data Network Upgrade and Voice Project Completed 

To keep up with the ever-growing demand for and reliance upon network connected devices, our IT department has completed the upgrade of our Cisco data network, providing for a secure and scalable network that supports both the educational and social needs of our students. In addition, the rollout of our new campus Unified Communications phone system has also been completed, possessing many new capabilities that unify voice, data and video.

Marge Galtieri lead the network upgrade.  Along the way, she mentored and taught two of our student workers who provided invaluable help and support including troubleshooting network connections, punching down new data jacks, verifying the speed of the  connection and tracing the connection back to a cross-connect in the network closet. Using this knowledge, our student workers verify and label a network connection for all incoming students in all dorms.  Similarly, Michael Lynch lead the effort for the rollout of our new Voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) phone system – also known as ‘Unified Communications’.

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Please contact Marge Galtieri (Network Upgrade) and Michael Lynch (Voice Project) for further details or questions