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Raymond J. O'Brien III

Customer Support Center Manager

I want to introduce the WCSU community to our student driven IT&I Service Desk. The IT&I Service Desk gives students real world experience in a fast paced, technologically driven education environment where they get to broaden their IT, customer service, and problem-solving skills. WCSU students help faculty, staff, fellow students, and classmates with a wide range of IT issues including but not limited to login issues, technical support issues, and browser related issues.

Students that graduate WCSU and that have gained experience while working on the WCSU service desk, have picked up fantastic jobs in the work force. Please take a look at our alumni page to see what a few of our WCSU service desk alumni have been up to. As the manager of the service desk, I get to use my 19+ years of experience in WCSU’s IT department to mentor my team and build up their technical problem-solving skills and customer service skills which they can use after they graduate.

I am proud of our student service desk team and the help they provide day in and day out to the WCSU community. If you are a member of the WCSU community and need to report an issue, please report your issue using any of the methods at the bottom of this page. We look forward to helping you.

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Mario Rodriguez

University Assistant

Graduated 2016

History w/ JLA minor

I worked at the Service Desk for three years as a student, and I have been working as a UA for two years now.

I like writing movie scripts and short stories, playing Magic the Gathering and video games, reading nonfiction history books, reading and collecting comics

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Jose Corona

Joined Fall 2018


Management Information Systems (MIS)

I look to further my career in IT support and eventually transition to project management for IT systems.

I enjoy gaming, weight lifting, sports, and cooking.

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Becky Men

Joined Fall 2021




I aspire to have a career in corporate finance that will allow me to manage the innovation and longevity of business corporations.

I like painting, watching Korean Dramas, and going to club events on campus

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Sam D. Braker

Joined Fall 2021


Theatre Arts: Design/Tech


After graduation, I hope to have a career in costume design for theatre (or IT support of course).

I enjoy playing video games and board games, art, and sewing.

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Logan Schaab

Joined Spring 2022




My goal is to build strong networking within the workforce and continue to build my skills in Finance after graduation.

I enjoy video games, sports, statistics, hiking and outdoor activities.

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Jacqueline Gavilanez Palacios

Joined Fall 2022


Management Information Systems (MIS)

I aim to find a job after graduation.

I like working at IT&I, going to school, the Army National guard, traveling, and practicing a sport.

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Caio Ramos

Joined Fall 2022


Management Information Systems (MIS)


I would like to pursue a career path in the realm of cyber security.

In my free time I play video games, watch movies, read fiction books, spend time with friends.

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