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Education and Training

Our team of community educators are available to present on several topics to the WCSU community.
Who is eligible for these programs?
Academic Classes, Sports Teams, Fraternities / Sororities, Clubs & Organizations, Residence Halls, etc.
Healthy Relationships and Dating Violence, Flirting or Hurting?, Got Consent?, Gender in the Media, Bystander Intervention, Got Tech?
Advanced Programs for Academic Classes:
Intersection of Oppression and Violence Against Women, Impact of Trauma on Survivors, History of Women’s Centers and the Feminist Movement, Topic of Your Choice

Title IX Trainings

  • Public Act 14-11: An Act Concerning Sexual Assault, Stalking, & Intimate Partner Violence on Campus discusses how training on all facets of interpersonal violence is a federal mandate for all university faculty and staff. The Women’s Center works closely with the Title IX Coordinator to help facilitate these trainings on campus throughout the year.
  • For more information on this topic please visit the Title IX website at: https://wcsu.edu/diversity/what-is-title-ix-and-cart/ 
  • For more information you can also contact Western’s Title IX Coordinator:
    Jesenia Minier-Delgado
    Chief Diversity Officer
    Phone(203) 837-8277
    Fax: (203) 837-8503

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