The Center for Empowerment and Education

Direct Services

All services are confidential and at no cost.

Individual Counseling

Counselor/advocates provide free and confidential one-on-one counseling to students, faculty, and staff of any gender identity who are experiencing or have experienced any form of interpersonal violence (sexual assault, dating abuse, domestic violence, sexual harassment, stalking, etc.) in their lifetime. Counselor/advocates are also available to talk about healthy and unhealthy relationships, how to support a friend or family member who has experienced interpersonal violence, and other similar topics.


Crisis Intervention

After an assault or an experience of interpersonal violence, advocates will provide crisis intervention services by offering emotional support, explaining the individual’s rights both on and off campus, their reporting options, and other available support services. If it feels right for the individual, an advocate can accompany them to the hospital for a forensic evidence collection kit or medical exam, to the police department, to the Office of Judicial Affairs, and/or many other service providers. These are just options and are not required to speak to an advocate and get support.

Students, faculty, and staff can call, email, or walk into the office at any time during regular office hours to be connected with an advocate. Walk-in counseling is available on a case by case basis. Walk-ins will be assessed by an advocate to determine whether an appointment can be scheduled or if the individual needs to be seen immediately. Counselor/advocates can provide immediate crisis intervention services over our 24-hour confidential hotlines. Sexual Assault Hotline: 203-731-5204. Domestic Violence Hotline: 203-731-5206.

In case of emergency call 911.



Counselor/advocates provide trauma-informed and person-centered advocacy for clients at the hospital after a sexual assault, at the police department when reporting interpersonal violence, with Title IX, Judicial Affairs, the Dean of Students, and several other offices or agencies both on campus and in the community. Advocacy is centered around the unique needs of each client by working with each individual to figure out what options are best for them before moving forward. All information is kept confidential until a client asks us to work with an outside office, agency, department, or individual and signs a release of information.


Support Groups

The Center for Empowerment and Education facilitates support groups each semester at the campus office. Other support groups are available at our main office. Support groups are open to any WCSU student, regardless if they are currently receiving services or not.

Empower U, formerly known as Girl Talk, is a 6-8 week support group for female identifying college students at WCSU or NVCC Danbury. Topics include self-esteem, identity, relationships, sexuality, goals, and more.

Support Crew is a 6-8 week support group for any male-identifying college students at WCSU or NVCC Danbury. Topics include self-esteem, identity, relationships, sexuality, conflict resolution, and more.

I Am Enough is a 6-8 week support group for LGBTQ+ college students (ages 18-24). Topics include healthy relationships, healthy sexuality, self-esteem, and more.

Hope & Healing is a 6-8 week support group for student survivors of sexual violence, dating abuse, and domestic violence. This group is open to students at WCSU of any gender identity.

To register or inquire about any of the above groups, please contact our Campus Counselor/Advocate, Rachel Krehel, at