ITC : Information Technology Committee Meeting Agendas

December, 12 2009

Information Technology Committee Meeting Agenda

November 12, 2009 OM304, 12-1:30pm

  1. Issues/Questions/Updates
  2. Update from Rebecca Woodward on Media Services Initiatives
  3. Update from Veronica Kenausis on Library Initiatives
  4. Review & Progress on Action Items from September and October minutes
    • Lorraine requested a report from WestConnect of all technology classrooms that are left unlocked at the end of the day where either the police lock them or they auto lock at 11 pm.  This is done but it is not in a readable format.   
    • Lorraine to review the Arts & Sciences criteria for purchasing new computers and printers for faculty.
    • Mitch Wagener and Veronica Kenausis agreed to test free bibliography software and EndNote and do a write-up with recommendation.
    • Veronica and Dan Goble were asked to summarize in a paragraph or two the different types of streaming audio and/or video available for students and faculty at WestConn.
    • Veronica and Rebecca were asked to prepare a list of questions relating to copyright issues for Theresa O’Brien, Contract Compliance Officer at the SO.
    • Lorraine asked the ITC members to let her know which Sharp projectors should be prioritized. Rich Montague gave us WS377C, WS247A, WS247B, WS338, WS208, WS377B, WS134, WS134A.
    • Lorraine will try to order machines before the 11/12/09 ITC meeting. 
    • Lorraine will draft a memo to faculty on how budget reductions will impact technology for faculty (hopefully before 11/12 meeting) and share it with the ITC at the 11/12/09 meeting.
    • Dan and Kit to finalize head counts for their schools by the next meeting. 
    • A summary of machine installations done from FY04 through October 8, 2009 was distributed. Lorraine asked the school technology chairs and Veronica to verify as much information as possible and to cross out any machine that faculty/staff don’t have any more. 
  5. Reconciling Faculty Machine Allocation Spreadsheets against Property Management Reports by building and room number
  6. Connect Suite –
  7. CSUS Email Policy – Any stumbling blocks? Feedback
  8. Instructional Technology Center Haas 416 – Training Workshops for faculty & staff
  9. IT Help Desk (Track It!) Changes
  10. Technology Classrooms – updates
  • Faculty and classroom software
  • Process for re-evaluation of “Responsible Department”
  • Other Agenda Items
  • Next Meeting:  12/10/09, 12pm to 1:30pm, OM304.  Spring 2010 meeting schedule:  2nd Thursday of each month.