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Rosters for School Technology Committees

Ancell Instructional Resource Committee (AIRC)

  • Dr. Richard Montague, Chair, Management Information Systems, AIRC Chair
  • Dr. Emilio Collar, Management Information Systems
  • Dr. Duane Moser, Accounting
  • Dr. Chin-Wen (Carol) Huang, Finance
  • Dr. Terry Dwyer , Justice and Law Administration
  • Dr. Stan Bazan, Managment
  • Dr. Ron Drozdenko, Marketing

Macricostas School of Arts and Sciences (A&S) Technology Committee

  • Dr. Stephen Wagener, Biology, A&S Technology Chair
  • Dr. Katharine Allocco, History
  • Dr. Galina Bakhtiarova, World Languages & Literature
  • Dr. John Briggs, Writing, Linguistics, and Creative Process
  • Dr. William Joel, Computer Science
  • Dr. Rondall Khoo, Psychology
  • Dr. Maureen Maguire, English
  • Dr. Zuohong Pan, Social Sciences
  • Dr. Charles Rocca, Math
  • Dr. Paula Secondo, Chemistry
  • Dr. Linda Vaden-Goad, Dean, Arts & Sciences

School of Professional Studies (SPS) Technology Committee

  • Dr. Kathleen Hinga, Social Work, SPS Technology Chair
  • Dr. John Caruso, Education
  • Dr. Laurel Halloran, Nursing
  • Dr. Jeffrey Schlicht, HPX

School of Visual & Performing Arts (SV&PA) Technology Committee

  • Dr. Dan Goble, Music, SVPA Technology Chair
  • Dr. Douglas O’Grady, Music
  • Mr. Sal Trapani, Theatre
  • Mr. Terry Wells, Art