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Department of Administrative Services (DAS)

Construction Contractor Prequalification Program

The Department of Administrative Services’ (DAS) Construction Contractor Prequalification Program requires that all contractors prequalify before they can bid on on a contract or perform work pursuant to a contract for the construction, alteration, remodeling, repair or demolition of any public building, and for work by the state or a municipality estimated to cost more than $500,000 which is funded in whole or in part with state funds.

Under its Construction Contractor Prequalification Program, DAS provides the contractor with both a prequalification classification and an Aggregate Work Capacity (AWC) rating. A prequalification classification specifies the type of work a contractor is qualified to perform. An AWC rating specifies the maximum amount of work a contractor is capable of undertaking in a one-year period.

Once issued, the initial prequalification certificate will be effective for one year from the date of issue, and it will indicate the contractor’s prequalification classification and AWC rating.

For additional information regarding the DAS Construction Contractor Prequalification Program or to apply, please contact the DAS Construction Contractor Prequalification office directly at 860-713-5280, or click on the following link:

Supplier Diversity (Set-Aside) Program

Agency-administered projects valued up to $500,000 shall be offered only to small business and minority-owned business enterprises, as defined and certified by the Department of Administrative Services’ (DAS) Supplier Diversity Program.

The Supplier Diversity Program (formerly the Set-Aside Program) was established to ensure Connecticut’s small and minority-owned businesses an opportunity to bid on a portion of state contracts, with a target minimum of 25 percent of the state’s business to be transacted with small businesses.  Of that amount, at least 25 percent goes to those owned by minorities, women or the disabled.

A small business enterprise (SBE) is defined as any company whose principal place of business has been in Connecticut for at least one year. The business must have grossed less than $15,000,000 during its most recent fiscal year. Fifty-one percent of the business ownership must be held by someone who exercises operational authority over daily business affairs, has the power to direct management and policies, and receives the beneficial interests of the business.

A minority-owned business enterprise (MBE) is defined as any company meeting the definition of a small business, with 51 percent of the ownership held by a member of a minority group (defined as black, Hispanic, Asian, a person with origins in the Iberian Peninsula, American Indian, a woman or an individual with a disability.)

For additional information about this program, or to apply for certification, please contact the DAS Supplier Diversity office directly at 860-713-5236, or click on the link below:

(Last revised 02-03-12)