Sigma Xi

Sigma Xi Research Awards


Hannah Daly (Biology)

Title of Project: Spatial Diversity of Barnacles on nesting turtles on Casey Key, Florida

Research Mentor: Dr. Theodora Pinou

John Michael Arnett (Biology)

Title of Project:The effects of Urbanized Roadways on Northern Diamondback Terrapins

Research Mentor: Dr. Theodora Pinou

Skylar Bartush (Psychology)

Title of Project: The role of effective lecture note-taking in facilitating academic performance.

Research Mentor: Dr. Bernard Gee



Juliet Barbieri (Biology)

Title of Project: Building the Perineuronal Net: Assessing the Role of Aggrecan in Molecular Assembly

Research Mentor: Dr. Kristin Giamanco

Sophia Chiaia (Biology)

Title of Project: Putting the Puzzle Pieces Together: Assessing Risk of Human Exposure to Blacklegged Ticks (Ixodes Scapularis)

Research Mentor: Dr. Neeta Connally

Brielle Skrutskie (Chemistry)

Title of Project: Study of Glutathione Reductase using Mass Spectrometry

Research Mentor: Dr. Helena Prieto



Jacob Bethin (Biology)

Title of Project: An Exploration of Invertebrate Diversity with Podostemaceae

Research Mentor: Dr. Rayda Krell

Ashley Green (Psychology)

Title of Project: Comparing Different Online Lecture Presentation Styles

Research Mentor: Dr. Bernard Gee

Emily Hoegler (Biology)

Title of Project: The Effect of Food Quality and Exercise on High Fat Food Intake

Research Mentor: Joshua Cordeira



Kayla Deguzman (Biology)

Title of Project: Satellite Tracking of Juvenile Green, Loggerhead, and Kemp’s Ridley Turtles from Rehabilitation Centers in Southern New England and Long Island, USA

Research Mentor: Dr. Theodora Pinou

Madisyn Mazik (Psychology)

Title of Project: Enhanced Whiteboard-Style Lecture Beats Powerpoint 

Research Mentor: Dr. Bernard Gee

Jessica Plouffe (Psychology)

Title of Project: Mental Rotation Performance without Eye Movements 

Research Mentor: Dr. Bernard Gee



Shannon McFarland (Biology)

Title of Project: Expression and Regulation of the Na-Cl Cotransporter (NCC) in Ion Regulatory Tissues of Threespine Stickleback

Research Mentor: Dr. Michelle Monette

Daniel Monahan (Biology)

Title of Project: Thirty Minutes per Day Keeps the Calories Away: The Benefits of Wheel Running on Food Intake and Body Weight in Mice 

Research Mentor: Dr. Joshua Cordeira

Brittany Schappach and Sandra Zapata-Ramirez (Biology)

Title of Project: A Comparison of Household Dryer-Induced Mortality on Laboratory Reared and Field-Collected Ixodes Scapularis Ticks 

Research Mentor: Drs. Neeta Connally and Rayda Krell



Volha (Olga) Alizarchyk (Mathematics)

Title of Project: Shock Wave Calculations in Diverse Applications: NEW Trigonometric Essentially Non-Oscillatory (ENO) Interpolation for Solving Non-linear Hyperbolic PDEs, Theory and Computations

Research Mentor: Dr. Stavros Christofi

Alexander Bieber (Chemistry)

Title of Project: Exploring Solid Phase Analytical Derivatization (SPAD) as a Sample Preparation Method for Quantitative Analysis by GC-MS

Research Mentor: Dr. Yuan Mei-Ratliff

Brittney Romagna (Psychology)

Title of Project: The Effects of Psychological and Physiological Stress on Spatial Reasoning Skills

Research Mentor: Dr. Bernard Gee



Kaitlyn McNally (Biochemistry)

Title of Project: Characterization of M. tuberculosis HAD Phosphatase Rv3376

Research Mentor: Dr. Anne Roberts

Alex Potocki and Adebowale Shoroye (Mathematics)

Title of Project: Shock Wave Calculations? No Problem! Essentially Non Oscillatory (ENO) Stencil Selection Procedures: Using Excel VBA to Study & Compare ENO, Built With Various Basis Functions

Research Mentor: Dr. Stavros Christofi

Tyler Ryan (Chemistry)

Title of Project: Method Development of 1,3-Oxathiolane & 1,4-Oxathiane Synthesis

Research Mentor: Dr. Forest Robertson