Student Technology Training Center

Mission Statement

In a collaborative effort between Information Technology & Innovation and the Student Center/Student Life Office, the primary mission of the Student Technology Training Center is to improve student life outside of the classroom by creating an environment in which all students can empower themselves with a practical understanding of current technology. The center is not designed to be a classroom or a lab.To this end, the roles and goals of the Student Technology Training Center are:

  • to be a valuable technological resource to all students, regardless of their level of knowledge of computers and technology;
  • to provide an environment in which students will feel comfortable exploring and learning a variety of new technologies;
  • to provide the technological and intellectual tools necessary;
  • to empower students with a better understanding of today’s technology;
  • to integrate student life with technology in an effort to better prepare students for today’s and tomorrow’s classroom environments;
  • to improve student morale outside of the classroom in an effort to increase retention at the University.

The staff of the Student Technology Training Center pledges to always be kind, helpful, knowledgeable and dedicated to facilitating the empowerment of the University’s student body.