Faculty Handbook

XII.  Registrar’s Office

The primary function of the Registrar is to receive, record, and transmit all academic data concerning students. The Registrar’s Office performs the following specific activities:

  1. Maintains files which contain the admission and academic forms and cumulative records of all students who have attended WCSU.
  2. Issues transcripts.
  3. Prepares official schedules, academic lists, grade sheets, and survey data, including graduation lists, Dean’s lists, grade lists, geographical distribution lists, etc.
  4. Processes all Teacher Certification applications approved by the Dean of Professional Studies.
  5. Prepares the schedule of classes each semester, under the direction of the school deans, including room assignments.
  6. Conducts registration for all academic units.
  7. Schedules final examinations.
  8. Serves as official interpreter of rules, regulations, and laws governing student records.

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