Giving at WCSU


Western Connecticut State University is blessed with many friends who have supported the university and helped its students along their journeys toward finding the opportunities that higher education affords. These generous friends include alumni and many others — but a common thread binds them: they all believe in Western’s mission and know that our students graduate as smart, energetic and successful members of the community.

The students here at Western are the major beneficiaries of your generosity. The Foundation’s total scholarship endowment is about $12 million, as of December 2013.

Your contribution is critical in helping us live up to our institutional mission of educational excellence for all those who seek it. But most importantly, your gift symbolizes your trust in the role that Western plays in educating the next generation of successful and productive citizens.

To all of you who give so generously to Western to support our students, thank you. You honor us with your support.




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