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WCSU employee returns support

Michael Lynch has worked at the university for six years as a telecommunications manager. His daughter, Lesley, earned her psychology degree here several years ago and his daughter, Elizabeth, now is finishing her bachelor’s degree at Western.

Lynch said after all that Western has meant to him, his family and the community, he felt that it was time to give back by making a donation to the university.

 “Western has done a lot for the community,” Lynch said. “I see the university being a factor in terms of raising the standard of living and providing opportunities for everyone in the area. Western has a positive impact on the whole community.”

Lynch moved with his family to the Danbury area in 1997 and his first exposure to Western was at the Ives Concert Park on the university’s Westside campus. After seeing all that Western had to offer, Lynch said the university was a perfect choice for his daughters.

 “What I’ve seen is an excellent education at an affordable price that was convenient to home,” he said.

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