Math Department

Override Requests for Closed Math Sections / Waiting List

NON-Math Majors

If you are requesting an override for a closed course or section, please e-mail the chair, Dr. Stavros Christofi, copying the department secretary, Ms Cathy DeSisto with the following information:

Subject line:

  • your name
  • your ID
  • MAT #/waiting list

Please include in the email:

  • your major
  • reason why you want to get into the course

Dr. Christofi’s e-mail is:

Ms Cathy DeSisto’s e-mail is:

He will respond to you ASAP.

NOTE: Keep checking OpenClose ( ) whether any other student(s) drop and a seat becomes available so you can register.

Open seats go very fast at this time!

If enough students request a particular section, we may ask the dean’s office to approve opening a new one at the same time.

Thank you!

Dr Stavros Christofi