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PRAXIS Subject Assessment – Mathematics (5165) Information

To earn your Secondary Education/Mathematics certification (Endorsement Code #029) in Connecticut, you will need to earn at least a 159 on the PRAXIS Subject Assessment Mathematics (5165) exam.  There may be restrictions imposed on the number of attempts you are allowed.  Therefore,you will need to carefully prepare for this exam prior to taking it.  Here are some things to consider before you register for the exam.

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When should I take the exam?  

The Praxis Subject Assessment assesses both math content and the ability to help students understand this math content.  The content assessment portion is 75% of the exam, and assesses content from: Number & Quantity, Algebra, Functions, Calculus, Geometry and Statistics & Probability.  The remaining 25% assesses this content applied to a Task of Teaching Mathematics.  Therefore, it would be ideal to take the exam after completing MAT 182, MAT 207, MAT 222, MAT 343, and MAT 375.  For practicality, you should plan to take the exam while enrolled in MAT 375, but begin preparing while enrolled in these other courses.

You are required to pass the PRAXIS Subject Assessment before entering your professional semester.

How do I start preparing?  

Begin by reading the ETS Preparation Materials, including their Study Guide Companion. After working through the small set of sample problems, you should have an idea about which topics you will need to work on.  If so, seek resources such as Kahn Academy and notes from relevant courses to improve your knowledge in these areas.  You also can reach out to math department members and the Math Clinic for help with specific topics.

How do I practice…for free?