School of Professional Studies

Nursing Department : Graduate Nursing Program

Graduate Graduation Requirements

Required of All Students

All M.S. in Nursing students must complete a research project. Research project work begins in NUR 504.  If students wish to do a thesis they will do this under the direction of a thesis adviser. Students should register for GRA 799 in order to receive continued thesis advisement after completing NUR 504.

Grading Criteria

Graduate nursing students must maintain a “B” average in order to graduate from the program. Should a student achieve a grade below a “B-” in a course, that course must be repeated and the student must achieve a grade of at least “B-” or above to progress in the program.

Department of nursing grades are assigned as follows:

A = 92 – 100 B- = 80-82 D+ = 68-70
A- = 89 – 91 C+ = 77-79 D = 64-67
B+= 86- 88 C = 74-76 D- = 63-60
B = 83- 85 C- = 71-73 F = Below 60