Nursing Department : Graduate Nursing Program Overview

Graduate Graduation Requirements

Required of All Students

All M.S. in Nursing students must complete a research project, this project is completed in NUR 504.  Student are required to take NUR 504 at WCSU.  If students wish to do a thesis they will do this under the direction of a thesis adviser. Students should register for GRA 799 in order to receive continued thesis advisement after completing NUR 504.  Students must also complete all core and foundational courses necessary for certification.

Nursing graduates from Western Connecticut State University Masters of Science, Nursing Program have a current pass rate on certification exams of 93%, and 85% of all graduates have jobs in their new role with in the first year after graduation.

Grading Criteria

Graduate nursing students must maintain a “B” average in order to graduate from the program. Should a student achieve a grade below a “B-” in a course, that course must be repeated and the student must achieve a grade of at least “B-” or above to progress in the program.  Students will only be allowed to repeat a graduate nursing course once.  If a student receives below a B- in the repeated graduate nursing course then the student will be dismissed from the program.  Graduate students must also maintain a B (3.0) average, failure to obtain/maintain a B (3.0) average will result in a dismissal for the program.

Department of nursing grades are assigned as follows:

A = 92 – 100 B- = 80-82 D+ = 68-70
A- = 89 – 91 C+ = 77-79 D = 64-67
B+= 86- 88 C = 74-76 D- = 63-60
B = 83- 85 C- = 71-73 F = Below 60