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School of Professional Studies

Nursing Department

Certification / Licensure Disclosure Statement

Pre-Licensure Program (BS in Nursing Program)


Western Ct State University’s (WCSU) BS in Nursing Program meets the State of Connecticut education requirements for a Registered Nurse License.


WCSU Nursing Program has not determined if this Bachelor of Science Degree meets the state education requirements in any other State, US Territory, or District of Columbia. Applicants should investigate requirements prior to accepting an offer of admission to WCSU for the pre-licensure baccalaureate nursing program.


The licensure boards in each state establish their own requirements for licensure or certification for their state. The state professional licensing boards will make decisions on whether or not an individual is eligible for license based on regulation in place at time of application for licensure.


Please see the National Council State Board of Nursing Website for more information on Registered Nurse Licensure: https://www.ncsbn.org/nurse-licensure-guidance.htm


Advanced Practice Registered Nurse:


Western Ct State University’s (WCSU) Advanced Practice Registered Nursing Program meets the State of Connecticut education requirements for practice.


WCSU’s Advance Practice Nursing Program allows students to sit for the National Certifying Exam.  Information about License Compact from State Board of Nursing for Advanced Practice Nurses can be found at this site:  https://www.ncsbn.org/aprn-compact.htm