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Alumni : WCSU Alumni Nursing Society

WCSU Alumni Nursing Society Mission

The purposes for which the Western Connecticut State University Nursing Alumni Society is formed shall be exclusively scientific, educational and charitable (within the meaning of Sec. 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Law). These purposes shall be effectuated through a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting the welfare, interest and excellence of Western Connecticut State University by the following means:

  1. Establishing a medium through which the nursing alumni, both graduates and former students, can contribute, financially and personally, to the welfare of the University.
  2. Fostering a mutually helpful relationship among the nursing alumni, the nursing faculty and the student body of the University.
  3. Maintaining a spirit of loyalty among the nursing alumni.
  4. Participating in the raising of funds for the benefit of the Alumni Nursing Society by gift, endowment, and scholarships.
  5. Engaging in any lawful act or activity furthering the purposes of the society permitted as a tax-exempt organization under applicable law.

Any person who graduated from the Nursing Program at Western Connecticut State University or its predecessor, Western Connecticut State College, shall be eligible for membership in the WCSU Alumni Nursing Society.

This society will be held under the umbrella of the WCSU Alumni Association bylaws. The bylaws will be amended as warranted.